Checking released key after RE-enabling the inputs

Hello all,

I’m triggering an event after an enemy dies that disables my character input for ‘X’ seconds, and then re-enables it, as you can see in the video below.

The issue in question here is that after the inputs were re-enabled I can’t check if my binded actions were released, thus, it does not call the “stop firing” method and It keeps firing until you press and release it again.

I’d like to discuss here if there is an elegant way of checking if any of my action inputs are released (or not pressed) without iterating through every binding **manually **(basically as if I could call a method inside the Controller that handles this for me and could execute the binded action right after).

Well, I could make it by calling all those events after the death cam subroutine ended up. Still, I can’t see this as a neat solution.

I’d like to bring this thread again to discussion for anyone who has any other idea on how to check if an action input was released after retrieving the input.