Checking overlap at the start

I have two meshes that overlap each other at the start of the game. But the On Component Begin Overlap can not pick them up since it only checks moving objects. How do I check overlap at the start of the game without moving objects?

As I remember, on start overlap check can be problem, but if for you will be enough check collision sphere or cube, try something like this:

This is documented here

My blueprint is only one of possibilities, but should work on start too.


This is simplest way and tested with sphere tracing:

You can test with print string what is “overlapped”. With print string on Out Hit you will have colliding component/actor name

If your two meshes are setup correctly and they trigger some kind of OnComponentBeginOverlap, you can use
this function in BP during BeginPlay to check for overlaps. I think this is simpler than the SphereTrace and should yield proper results depending on your overlap triggers etc.given your overlap settings etc. are set up correctly.

You’re right. This solution would be simpler if I need to check how many objects overlap each other. However, if I have a bunch of meshes and only need to check with how many meshes does one of them overlap - only the first solution is going to be applicable. Thank you, both answers help me a lot.

Hmm, I see. But glad you got your problem solved overall :slight_smile:

That’s the best answer