checking for variable amount

is there a way to check if a variable is above, below, same as, or other than an amount. or anything close to what I’m asking.

how I’m looking to use this is to see if I have a variable above 0 and if so do an action(for different attributes such as health, stamina, magic, xp, carry capacity, things like that)

any input will be greatly appreciated

There are math nodes. If you left click on the editor, then type <, <=, = (you get the idea), then use a branch node


hey thank you so much I think this will work for what I need.

You’re welcome. Good luck with everything. Learning curve can be steep, but very rewarding. Don’t ever give up!

Also, if you find an answer on the HUB to have solved an issue, you should click the up arrow next to it. Helps people find solutions better.

this will help thank you but it wasn’t what I was looking for at the moment.
if there was a way to get something like this but with an input making the check when something like a button was pressed.

When you click on a button (keyboard, mouse, controller, etc.), it will fire an event, so you link your code to the event.
Just as onOverlap or OnHit fires an event.

You can also bind bind things, so, for example, if you are displaying a character’s health, the display widget is bound to the character’s health variable, which could have an assortment of cod attached to it.

I believe I have found a way around my problems with that. this should work with what I need. thank you vary much. I will verify functionality of this and return to this to set your answer to correct if it works. again thank you this is a huge help to many aspects of my game.