Checking assets for root set - incredible slow and problem with HDD

UE4 version: 4.1.8

I noticed that sometimes UE4 is incredible slow. For instance, I created BP then deleted it. UE4 start to “Checking assets for root set” for the next 5-10 minutes.
Another issue:
I have 3 drives: SSD 500GB (with OS), SSD 120GB and HDD 500GB.
For UE4 I use only SSD and never put any project on HDD.

However, when I start UE4 or when I close it, I can hear that the hard drive (HDD not SD) is constantly loading (and it slow down everything - including checking assets).
It’s weird because there’s nothing related to UE4 on HDD and I checked HDD health which is good. Also, there are no any system files on HDD (I use it only for movies and some storage).
I have no idea why UE4 checks and loading something on/from HDD.

Same here. UE4 isn’t really production friendly.
Such an insane waste of time for every single operation. Waiting while looking at a screen for 10 minutes is 10 minutes lost. Multiply this by the number of operation you have to make on a one year project and you lose months of work.

I have just noticed the behavior described by [USER=“947258”]Mr. Wood[/USER] if you delete an asset which is being in use by any other asset, so taking your case into consideration, deleting a blueprint asset which is somewhere in use in a Map (Level) would produce such description, but if you delete the instances and then after you delete the asset this won’t occur.

I also use SSD for hosting projects and even with HDD, taking the precaution on not deleting an asset being referenced would not have any waiting times like “Checking assets for root set”. Please test the condition on your side and report back and we can see if Epic would have something more to say.

I’m having this same issue with just deleting a mesh that imports materials and a physics asset.
I do not believe this issue was happening in 4.21 - at least, I never had any issue deleting a mesh and all it’s assets before now with 4.22
And I’m 100% positive I force deleted thousands of meshes in 4.21…

No, it doesn’t work like that. Even deleting a mesh just after importing it and not using it anywhere leads to this problem. Sometime it doesn’t, even if this asset is used somewhere.
Plus, you realize that you just can’t know where every reference of an asset is and be sure to delete every reference?
Let say I painted some foliage instance somewhere, how do I know where every instance is?

And the problem is that once you try to delete an asset, the engine try to load an insane amount of data from your project folder into RAM, which take a lot of time. Why? On every game engine/software I’ve ever used, I’ve never seen such thing.
At least you should get a message asking if you’re sure you want to delete this asset which can break references or if you want to spend 10 minutes to check in your 30GB of data for reference of this asset. (And crash the engine with memery error if you don’t have enough RAM to delete an asset…)

We got a problem with this engine when it comes to deleting stuff.

UE 4.24 and it’s still incredibly slow to delete. It’s not a large project, 18GB (9K files) on 4 core 4.5 Ghz, 16 RAM, it “hangs” with 15% CPU, 6GB ram used.

I am now using only SSD (3x SSD) and can confirm that this is also happening in UE4.24.2. One of my project is pretty small (less than 1GB) and when I tried to delete asset I need to wait 5-10 minutes or more. This also applies when you move folder (and it’s even slower). I like to arrange my imported assets but last time it took me more than 1 hour to move few folders.
On the other hand loading project is much much faster than in previous version of UE4.

This problem is ridiculous, 8 core, 16GB ram, gen 4 nvme drive and I’ve been stuck at Checking Assets for Root set now for 35 minutes when trying to delete a simple Ruins asset pack from the marketplace that was not used anywhere in the project.

EDIT: IT was hung indefinitely… awesome, didn’t need that work before the autosave anyways