Checked stimulate physics on my mesh, can't control character now


I was messing with the settings on my character to get a feel for how to change certain things like speed and jump, etc, then I checked the stimulate physics box under the physics tab and now my character won’t move even after unchecking the box. Did ticking that box mess up some setting elsewhere that disabled the controls or something else?
EDIT: So I tied to duplicate the problem on the default character and I got the same issue. Here is what the message log says.

But I went ahead and unchecked the box so I’m not getting those messages anymore, but I still don’t have control of my character. Here is the UE4 file. IF you could explain to me how to get controls back to my custom character it would be much appreciated.

Try verifying that the player controller didn’t get unlinked from your pawn

I just checked that and everything is still set to player zero. Should be working but it’s still not.