Check which object the character is walking on?


How could I check the ground type I am walking on ?

IsMovingOnGround is quiet limited


is there no other way than to trace downward for hits ?

thanks for your help

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yeah it uses trace by channel; that’s what I do so far

And you’ve setup the physical surfaces?

yes I get the phys material with a trace channel, just wanted to be sure there were no more builtin way to check what material the character is walking on

No, it’s a bit cumbersome…

yet I found this


so we’re definitely doing twice the job

It doesn’t look like it’s accessible…?

no, I tried but it’s just sitting there, even the hit result (wth is it doing in the details panel ??)
looks like an unfinished work in progress

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hooooo, so my insistence, finally paid

but with linetrace I can get the physical material

how can I convert the “base actor” to a Geometry Mesh ? it’s not an actor, just a mesh in the level

unfortunately, that node returns None all the time :frowning:

self is the character , the function is in there


the function is called from the character BP

I tried using the CharacterMovement instead…

it has nothing to do with my function having an output or not…I can just check the output like below

here I tried with a key event in the main character

now, the instance in the level is a child of that character class, I dont know if it could be the issue

looks a bit like what I posted here ( nobody replied :slight_smile: )