Check which object is overlapping the trigger

Hi guys.

I’m working on a button smash type of mini game, and i have made a few objects (circle, square, cone).
These objects drop down from the sky and at some point will hit a triggerbox. When that object overlaps the triggerbox i need the trigger to know which type of object is overlapping him.
Based on what object it is (circle, square or cone) the trigger will set a few custom events i already made.

Now, i was wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction here.
What i have right now is that when a object overlaps the trigger it will set all custom events (no matter the type of object, which in result defeats the purpose).


When an object overlaps, cast to the circle’s BP, use the Hit Actor as the Object input for the cast. If the cast works, a circle is overlapping, otherwise cast to your next object (square) if the cast failed, and so on…


That works thanks.
Never worked with ‘cast’ before. But adding “cast to [blueprint name]” does indeed give you a true/false.
So now i have a triggerbox → on begin overlap → cast to [blueprint name] → if true activate custom event, else print something for visual feedback.

Solved. Thanks.