Check the level builder I'v added to my game!

OldSchoolNightmare Alpha 2.
It includes multiplayer and a level builder ( with manual and video tutorials inside of it for you to start building levels easily ).

Hey there (: would you mind adding some more pictures or a video?
I want to comment on it but i don’t have the time to actually download it :frowning:

I’m uploading to youtube the series of tutorials that are included in there as one video, I hope it will take no more then an hour or so and then I will post it here.

Tutorials for the level builder, All parts in one video:

Pretty cool, a suggestion is for you to make a menu that allows them to pick objects for placement.

Thanks, In PlacingObject_Mode you have a small menu in the left up side of the screen.

New feature in version alpha 2.1:

New feature in version alpha 2.2: