"check" not found


my project used to compile. But now I get C3861 errors:

'check': identifier not found

for a generated.cpp and for the CanvasItem.h. They suddenly appeared and I don’t remember any change in my Project.
Besides my primary game module I am using a self compiled external module. I updated from 4.7.2 to 4.7.6, but for no avail.


Track down what is accessing that variable, it could be either not included or it doesn’t exist any more, or a name change.

The error comes up when I use code that is provided through my external module. If I omit my code it compiles again. It may be that I recompiled my .lib that is used by my external module and since that something is broken. Any ideas what may trigger ‘check’ to disappear? Maybe some compiler option or preprocessor definitions for my library?