Check if the Player is looking too far left/right

This question has already been answered in a C++ thread, but I’m not the best at math and could use some help doing this in BP. Using the Normal/Direction of a surface/wall(I’m getting this by the Hit Event), I know which direction the player should be looking. I want to check if the player is looking at that wall (just on the Yaw Axis) with a 35 degree range. Meaning the player is looking no further than 35 degrees to the left or right of that wall/surface. I believe “Nemori” describes how to do this in C++ in this thread](Find out if character is looking away to left or right - C++ Gameplay Programming - Unreal Engine Forums), but like I said, I could use some help doing it in BP. Any help will be appreciated.

Figured out how to do it with the help of stackoverflow](

In the attachment…
Local Player Yaw = Player Yaw (duh)
Cover Yaw = the Yaw of the wall/surface. (basically the direction you want the player to be facing)
Angle = How many degrees to the left and right of Cover Yaw the player can be facing. For example if it is set to 45, the player can look 45 degrees to the left or right