Check if strength increased, If it increased then increase Health by 20

I want to increase my health by 20 whenever my character gets 1 strength, or 10 mana per 1 intelligence.

Or how can I just check whether a value increased or decreased. If it increased do something, if it decreased do something.

A blueprint demonstration would be much appreciated. Thanks in Advance!

I don’t have the blueprint yet. I am still solving it by writing it in a paper.

Like in dota bro. When a hero leveled up It gains 2 strength, 1 agility, 2 intelligence. Each of these attributes provides the hero an increase on health, mana, and attack speed depending on the increased attribute. In this case I want my character to get 20 health when my character level up it gets 1 strength, and 1 intelligence yields 10 mana. What I want is give my character 20 health every time it gets 1 strength from leveling up.

Can you make a screenshot of your blueprint? How does strength and intelligence increase, is it whenever something which triggers a strength or intelligence increase happens it is increased by 1 or do you increase it in smaller portions like 0.1 for example?

I have never played dota :l, But I think I understand :). I hope this solves your problem, let me know If I got it wrong. The first one is for if you are only ever gonna change it by a value of 1. The second one is for if you think you might increase it by a different value some time. In this case you could change out the literal float for a variable if you like. You don’t have to use them both, pick whichever suits your system.

Hope this helped :3

Thanks man you just saved my time. +1

I would recommend you make a struct or map for this, because leveling up in MOBAs is not on a linear scale, i.e. it doesn’t change by the same amount every level.