Check if streaming level is done loading

We’re running into a little problem with slower computers. If the game starts on a checkpoint that resides in a level-stream - and the level stream is still loading -, the geometry takes a long time to show up, causing the player to fall off the world.

To solve this, I’d like to freeze the player (Character Movement >> Disable Movement) on Begin Play, while the level is still streaming.
The freezing is working, but I can’t find a way in BluePrints to check what level-stream the player is currently in (not the persistent level, of course). I’d like to see if the level is done loading & visible, to unfreeze the player and start the game.

Any help would be awesome (I’ve only found C++ examples).

Instead of checking this, we’ve used an overwrite on the game mode and set the character in Spectator Mode while things are loading. I’ll mark this as solved (even though it’s not a real answer… lol).