Check if sound has played recently?

I’m unsure how to use a timer, that would count to six then fire off the sound event only if it’s greater than or equal to. But I think that’s what I should use on this, on possibly event tick?

I’m wondering how I’d go about checking if a sound has played within a set amount of time, to not play it again?

You could use the node “Get Game Time in Seconds”.

After you play the sound you store the current time in a variable. When you want to check if 6 seconds are over, you again get the current time and calculate the difference to the time you saved. If it’s greater or equal to six you play the sound and repeat the process described.

Hey thank you, I figured it out to get it working.

Have the sound check a Boolean variable before playing. canSoundPlay → True → playSound → setcanSoundPlay (false) → delay (3 seconds) → setcanSoundPlay (True).