Check if player is touching or inside of sphere during attack bool

Hello. I’m having a hard time with enemies landing hits and damaging the player. I have a “Is Biting?” Bool that turns off and on with Animation Notifies. However In the actual game I have to try very hard to actually get hit and take damage during the animation. I can get it to work but I have to spinning around in front of the lion while its attacking animation montage plays. I’m assuming it’s because I need to actual collide with the lions attack range sphere at the exact moment the bool changes. If I can get this concept down, it’ll help me with many other parts of my game!!

I would like to be able to stay completely still, have the lion reach me, do the attack animation and deal damage if I am within the attack range. On Event Begin Overlap doesn’t seem to do it. As long as the player is within the lion’s attack radius I would like the attack animation to be looping. How exactly do I achieve that looping as well?
This Blueprint is a little messy, sorry about that.