Check if player in Region without Volume

My idea:

  1. Create an Actor Blueprint, very basic, based on just the Actor class.
  2. Give it two components,a scene component, and a collision box inside of that. position them so that the box’s bottom left corner is exactly on the scene component.
  3. Create a function to generate the “zones”, which in a For loop from 0 to 120, it Spawns one of these actors at the location needed, maybe it’s on a grid so you just multiply the positions by the index of the loop.
  4. Run this function to generate all 120 zones.

After you got this working, you can add things to the Zone Actors like OnBeginOverlap and OnEndOverlap event, and a string for ZoneName, etc.


How can i check if the player enters a specific area of the map without placing volumes in the level.
I have a data table like this:
X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Y2, Z2, regionName

-13588, 293949, 24, 120, 20202, 24, middleSouthWestPark

Inside this table stored “zones” of my map.

X1, Y1, Z1
The bottom left corner of the zone

X2, Y2, Z2
The top right corner of the zone

I have 120 of these zones. So it would be a pain to create manually for each zone an trigger volume to check if player is inside it. Is there a solution to check this only via code? I dont think that this is impossible.

I need this to Display thr name of the zone on the screen and to control other things like sounds.

Thank you! I’ll try this