Check if player collided with specific object?

I setup a static mesh as floor and few cubes and programmed a dash ability but i want that whenever my player hit only those cubes it stops dashing and its velocity goes zero but i don’t know how to check that with what my player has collided and find if it has collided with a static mesh , i.e only the cubes and not floor as it is also an static mesh ?

How are you executing the dash ability?

Your player capsule has a hit option ( right click on it ). You can check for an actor tag there:


All actors can have tags, you can give all the ‘walls’ a ‘wall’ tag:


Thanks alot bro it helped !!

Personally, I would pull get class off the other actor pin and compare with the actor you want it to be affected by. It’s more dynamic and less involved when you start having new levels and items that affect the dash. The answer given is good for when you are working with non-actors like a cube mesh for your walls and obstacles.