Check if Integer is a number like 10, 30, 1000, 1230

Use the modulo node.

LevelNumber % 10 == 0

The % is the modulo operator, your modulo node. Take the level number, send it through the modulo node and check if the result is 0. If it is the number has a 0 at the end.

To explain how it works:

Remember back in primary when you was taught to divide for the first time you did not care about decimals? You were counting remainders.

   10/4=2 and 2 as remainder. 

Similarly the modulo and divide node are linked to this.

10/4 = 2
10%4 = 2

10/3 = 3
10%3 = 1

510/10 = 51
510%10 = 0

Hope this makes it easier to understand.

Hey guys i have a blueprint where i want to set toggle a boss text above the actor when the level is like 10 or 100 or 510, so there is a 0 at the end. How do i find this out so i can set it as a boolean.

Thanks for the answers guys.

thank you so much :slight_smile: