Check if have multiple blue prints

How do you check if you have multiple blue prints
when you only want 1 of a specific bp?

sorry man can you be a bit more clear ?

blueprints are like abstract project you keep in your project, you can have any number and there is no way to count them auto ( i think)
There is always 1 only blueprint per type in you project,
a blueprint can be a child of another and get the same stuff + more

If you “instance” a blueprint in your level , and is an actor-blueprint you get an actor,
You can know how many actor of some type (bluprint) you have in your level with “Get all actor of class” (the class is pratically the blueprint type)

Not all blueprint become actors that you can count

Well I have a bp spawned that handles some stuff for the inventory. But I think im spawning 1 every time.
i just wanted to see how many there are. But your saying if I spawn another one there’s still only 1?

My understanding of blue prints was you can spawn any number of them

You’re using the term “Blueprints” in place of “Actor”

Blueprints are an asset type that is part of a project and something that can inherit from an Actor, but you can create a Blueprint based off of almost any class in the engine.

What you’re spawning in to the world is an Actor-- so if you want to see how many of them are spawned, you can do a GetAllActorsOfClass. Specify the actor class that you want to get. In this case it will be the blueprint class that you are spawning. Off of the return array, you can do a Length to get how many currently exist

Oh ok. I always use actor when making new blue prints. Haven’t tried the others.
thank you very much for all the tips! :slight_smile:

Try With 3 nodes, Get all actors of class, and get all widget of class and lenght

Here the node for lenght of the array, that will tell you how many items is long the array