check if collide with the players

hi all…
i have created a overlap event for a monster that have to chase the player…but now i have to check if it collides with the player…what nodes i have to use? or there is another way to do it?

(: Grrr…

I told you how you check if a specific Actors is of a specific class! The Overlap Event has a parameter called “OtherActor”, which
is the Actor that overlapped with your Monster’s Collision.

Take this “OtherActor”-Pin and CAST it to your PLAYER CLASS. The Cast will only succeed if the Actor who caused the Overlap event is of that
class. For every other Class (except Childs of your PlayerClass) the cast will fail.

That’s how you test if it collides with the Player or not.

One last time: Please learn objective programming basics! And also please start reading and understanding what i’m telling you ;_;
It’s exhaustive to tell you about casting every time.

sorry for all exi but i understand only when i really try it…so when i need xD but i m understand something xD