Check if an event is not firing?


I was wondering if there is something like an Else.
If an event is true, then do this. Else do that.


Custom event “Fire”
Fire > set value +10
Fire is no longer running the set value -10?

Different ways depending on what event and how you call.

Pressing / releasing a mouse button or key etc…, you set your values on pressed and reset them on release when firing for example.

Or you can set a boolean. On begin event set bool true. On end event (or at the end of the event too.) set bool false. Then custom event with branch based on this boolean added on tick for example.

branch with bool is like a if / else.

for example, to prevent double click (in a timeline sliding door to not have weird effects), i set a bool “clickedDone” true in begin of an event. If clicked true then event, if not, it doesn’t work (before the set ^^). And at the end of the event i set it back to false to let click working again.


I wanted to go the bool route, but im using onactorbegin overlap. The problem is that i have many volumes that intersect each other to make up a specific area that needs to trigger. I found though, that because you actually end overlap with one, even though you are still overlapping with another the events are getting confused.

Because this event is saying hey, im overlapping, but this other event is saying hey im not overlapping. Then they start counteracting each other.
So i wanted to do something like

If the player is colliding with this specific set of trigger volumes then trigger this event. If it is not overlapping them then trigger this one.

Something i did as a workaround was combine all my trigger volumes into a single blueprint.
The only annoyance is that now i have to alter the blueprint to move trigger volumes on the level.

It seems to have gotten rid of the confusion of events counteracting each other.

maybe using the “other actor” output from your overlap event to know what you overlap. Or set vars in for “component overlaped”. (i mean using a get all components overlap and after a cast get the variable in with the info (name or number or location.)

Sounds like a plan.

So the Other actor pin is what you are overlapping. I was wondering how to go about finding that information