Check if AIPawnSensing does not sense an actor

Hi all,

So I have this actor which moves from place to place if what the actor senses (using AIPawnsensing) is not something he attacks.

However, if he doesn’t sense anything he just stands still. How do I make it so that if an actor does not sense anything using AIPawnSensing, than it will fire the event (I’d like this to be just as often as AIPawnsensing fires, in my case, it’s the default .5)

Hi ShrewGlue,

Without knowing if there is other options to do this easier. I would setup a Retriggable Delay with .5 after your AIPawnSensing OnSee/Hear Event, and if it doesn’t trigger within the .5 as it suppose to, the Retriggable Delay will fire the Nothing Found Event.

Is that something that would work for you?


Peter L. Newton