Check If Actor Is Below Player Socket Location(Pelvis)

I need to check if a pickupable is below the character’s pelvis. I was thinking of using trig; check if the player’s pelvis meets within a certain angle with the pickupable. What are the nodes I can use to do this?

Best approach is to add a socket to the pelvis bone. Then you can use the get socket location node to find that location. After that you just isolate the Z value, and compare against the Z of the object you want to check

Thank you, but I ended up setting a Find Look At Rotation node to the pickupable actor location vector and pelvis socket location vector and checked only for the pitch with a in-range of 0 to -90 node. I’m not sure if this is the best way, but that’s what I did.

Add this to your Begin Play or this method will not work.