Check if actor is being rendered?


I was wondering if there is a in blueprints to check if something is currently on the screen?
Basically I want to disable character animations if they are not on screen, so that it does not use CPU if not rendered.

I saw under a movement component - Update only if rendered. Was hoping there is some way to use this or another node to check is something is on screen.

use Actor->WasRecentlyRendered()

This is in Blueprint Visual Scripting so I’m assuming he was looking for a blueprint node to accomplish this which can be found here:

But this very well might not be an issue anymore considering it was posted 2+ years ago…

This is a good alternative however here is the true math solution.


The viewport size returns the X and Y dimensions. if your world position exceeds those dimensions or lower than 0 (top left origin), then it is out of view.
Hook this up to a tick or timer.