Check held button on spawn?

Is there any way to check if it button is being held when an actor is spawned? I have a situation where a character needs to hold the E key for several seconds over a plant to water it, which will then spawn another plant, repeat a gajillion times. Only the issue is the only way i can find to interact with the E key is the E event with pressed and released options. If E is already being held when a new plant spawned, it never triggers the “pressed” condition. Any ideas? EPressedBuleprint.jpg update plant state.jpg

Some stuff about how to use input:

Is this blueprint you’re showing taking any input? If not, it probably has input disabled. Scroll all the way down in the details panel inside its blueprint. Also if some other blueprint is using the E event it might override it.

Obviously, what you are showing above is not enough to decode the problem but at some point you are setting Grown 1 to true. At this point nothing below will work. You also have overlap which needs to be true. However, this might not get set properly if you spawn the actor while overlapping. Don’t know exactly how you are calling this.

Anyway, Run a print string node off of the false on the E Pressed Branch. This will tell whether or not it is being pressed. if it is>
Run a print string off of the Grown 1 Branch and see if it is working properly. If it is>
Run a print string off of the overlap branch and see if it is working properly. if it is, then you need to keep looking.