Check Gameplay Tag Condition on Behavior Tree

Hi there!

I’ve been toying lately with the behavior trees, and so far I have been enjoying it a lot! However, I’m having some issues with the “Check Gameplay Tag Condition” node. I have an NPC actor that I have tagged as a Shooter, so when the NPC sees the player character, it should start shooting him instead of chasing. I added an image with the part of the behavior tree where I’m having the issue. Prior to the Check decorator, I have added a debug just to see if the NPC was correctly tagged, and that seems to be the case. Any insight?


Have you managed to make it work so far ?

I am pretty much trying to do the same thing as you but Im failing so far …

You need to create a new key in your blackboard and set KeyType to Actor first.
Then you need to assign your ability system to that key.

After this setup, you have to set ActorToCheck to the new key on “Check Gameplay Tag Condition”