Check G.O.R.E. gameplay trailer

I am pleased to present you the effect of five months of my work inside the engine.
I hope you will enjoy what I have achieved so far.

There is still a lot of work, mainly in the aspect of creating models for the world.
For the needs of the trailer, I was forced to “borrow” a few ready assets available from the Epic. Like, for example, an angel sculpture by the lake or part of the ruins.

Ultimately, I will replace these models with my own models. However, due to the fact that everything that is associated with this game I am doing myself, so far I had no time to personally model all props.

If you liked my work, I will be very happy if you provide a video link to your friends.
You can also look at my Patreon. Any form of improving my budget makes me happy.

Here’s the link: