Check for Target Points BEHIND a Pawn in a Behavior Tree Task possible?

Need help on getting started with a new implementation for an ai pawn running away from player task. The past attempt involved a radius around a scaled backward vector from the pawn to check if any target points lied in range. This sadly involves more arbitrary calculation than expected.

So now, what I am seeking is a possible check for target points anywhere BEHIND the ai pawn. Cone Check itself is a behavior tree decorator and not implemented as a task in itself, nor can I find clues as to how to get started on one.
I don’t know much about AI Perception Component but is it useful for this situation?

The general formula for finding the farthest target point is already there. I just need to find a way to check for Target Points to move to that are BEHIND the player. Thanks.

Dig around for tutorials and documentation on Environment Querying System (EQS) - it’s featured to do exactly what you need (and MUCH more!).