Check for collision on random spawns

Hi all,

I have a blueprint which controls meshes spawning on a landscape and it does a pretty good job on the whole, but the problem is the checks it does for determining a valid spawn position do not seem to be verbose enough as it frequently spawns the objects (in this case, rocks) in locations that are not desirable - such as on the top of trees or static meshes.
Can anyone take a quick look at the blueprint for that specific function and suggest a way to let it trace for other objects such as static meshes and foliage etc.

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Come on geniuses!?
I refuse to believe that nobody has the knowledge to pass onto me? :slight_smile:

I tried rewiring the blueprint to do the sphere check whether align to surface is set or not as well, and this results in the debug sphere’s showing me the hits but no meshes spawn at all…
It’s beyond me :frowning:

Has anyone else noticed that when they posted a question a couple of years ago, you’d always get answers or at least polite posts trying to help you articulate what you mean. Last few questions I’ve posted on here have zero responses from the public and definitely no devs. You’d think it would be the other way around, right? I mean the userbase has grown and the knowledge base will have grown too but that has not resulted in a more helpful community. Yes, I just guilted you into answering me.

Something like this maybe, you will need to add the Obstacle tag to your Obstacle actors though.

I feel your pain