Check Dino Colors

Im trying to create a tool (Like a spyglass) that can display a dino’s current colors. So for instance since a Dire Bear only has regions 0 and 5 it would show something like

Region 1:8 (Light Gray)
Region 2:N/A
Region 3:N/A
Region 4:N/A
Region 5:34 (Dino Dark Brown)

I know you can set the colors with admin commands and I have even seen mods that allow you to color dinos with tools, but I just want to display their current colors. Is there a way to do this with a mod? Also if anyone happens to know an admin command to do it that would be helpful info as well.

There’s a function available in DinoBPs called “GetDinoColor” which returns a RGBA value with the index as an input. I’ve used this in one of my own mods that alters stats based on the colours, which are set depending on the biome the Dino spawns in. However it’s a pure function, and from my experience, can’t be accessed by other blueprints. Might be worth looking into.

Thanks for the reply Burgesssssss, Unfortunately I wasnt able to find the function. Sorry I am new to ark modding so I am trying to learn the dev kit still. If I can somehow find this I will dig into it more.