"Check Async Scene On Move" does not work for hitting destructibles

I have async physics enabled in project settings and I use a destructible mesh which uses the async scene. Now I try to let a projectile collide with the destructible mesh to damage it. I enable “Check Async Scene On Move” in the projectile, but the projectile itself is not using the async scene. I am also using CCD for the projectile so it does not miss anything. Now the projectile should collide with the destructible mesh, but it does not (bug).

If I enable async scene for the projectile, it can collide with the destructible mesh.

Hi John,

This is expected behavior. Asynchronous and Synchronous scenes cannot work together by default unless an object is static. Destructibles cannot be static so they will either be in the async or sync (default) scene.

This is a quote from another post regarding this:

The “Check Async Scene On Move” is only used when we do
sweeps. This is not used for simulated bodies. Simulated bodies can only interact with one scene unfortunately.
In this case it might be better to use a projectile movement component which
already has concepts like velocity and bounce, but since it uses sweeps it
would handle both scenes correctly. You could override ComputeBounceResult to handle custom bounce
behavior, as well as applying damage and impulses in the OnBounce event.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much documentation in regards to this feature at the moment and this is something that I would like to setup an example for myself for testing purposes at some point, but I have not had the time.

Using the information above should be enough to get you started though.

Thank you!