CheatToWin : Learning security concepts with help of games

Hello all , i am working on a project called CheatToWin. This game / project is not a normal game or intended for normal gamers . The game cannot be completed unless you hack your way through it .The goal of my project is to make memory hacking and learning security concepts fun and practical.

for example : currently for level 1 player needs certain amount of pickup let’s say 25 to complete the level but the game only spawns 12 pickup which makes it impossible to complete the level unless you do external hack let’s say using cheat engine .

But what i want for users is to write code for the hack . Later on i plan to add advance stuff like where DLL injections and other hacks will be needed .

The project is open source and can be found at : GitHub - hackertron/CheatToWin: A game only for hackers !! ( it’s still in development mode )

in below gif you can see that there is a health pickup which is normally supposed to increase health but here it will decrease it .

demo.gif :

( gif size is 8.5 MB so can’t post it here , see above link )