Cheat structures in DevKit window.

Can anyone point me to where to edit the cheat structures in the editor? Input.ini defines the mapping to Structure0-29 but where are those structures defined?

For those who don’t know I’m talking about the F1. Industrial Forge, F2. Wall Tourch, …, Num 0, etc


It’s most likely part of the cheat manager class, something we do not have access to. For obvious reasons.


Thanks, I noticed that we couldn’t access that class so I guess that’s it. I do fail to see any reason for it being hidden on purpose apart from spending resources to make it accessible and presentable for the devkit.


The cheat manager is, presumably, everything that handles the server admin aspects of the game. They can’t just expose that to modders.


But you need to be an admin on the server to 1) install and 2) run the cheat magic. Every cheat command send must come from someone that’s been authenticated and to actually run the command he/she needs to be authorized. Giving a modder access to the cheat manager doesn’t give any more people rights to cheats on the server. All you can potentially do is give admins more power, no one else.

There is one catch though. If the cheat manager has a weak design malicious modders can potentially mod it to bypass AA and if a server admin installs it, it could give the modder access to admin rights. This could be reason enough to not expose it but it would make the reason “weak design” rather than anything else.