Cheat spawn dino in game

I’m having real issues with spawning/summoning my new dino in game.

It works perfectly using the command in the dev kit but for some reason it just won’t load it up in the actual game.

Current files I have in my mod folder are the DinoEntry and Character_BP.

Do I need to include the meshes and stuff too for it to work in game?



  • EDIT

Strangely enough it was working fine the other day before the latest few patches came out, but nothing now

Try to add them to a spawn table (e.g. Beach) with the chance to spawn at 0,0001 (unless you want it to spawn frequently) and then try to summon it via the command line.
Make sure you also use the same Tags and Descriptive Name in the Entry as in the BP, and add your entry to the additional dino entries in the PGD of your modification.

Hope it helps!

if you changed the bp name at any time it will be bugged and you will need to reset the publisher, dont forget its the dino bp name + “_c” at the end

Thanks both got it to work by adding to a spawner! Forgot about that bit!