Cheat manager is working in shipping build

According to the documentation the cheat manager does not work in shipping build.
But are it doing it, have I missed a hidden checkbox?

Nope, that’s how it acts by default. The code comments were recently updated to reflect that but I guess the documentation is still wrong.

Check APlayerController::EnableCheats, APlayerController::AddCheats and AGameModeBase::AllowCheats, you’ll see that in SHIPPING builds cheats are only enabled on the server while in non-SHIPPING builds and in the editor they’re allowed for everyone.

To fix this, override AGameModeBase::AllowCheats in your game’s GameMode class:


virtual bool AllowCheats(APlayerController* P) override;


bool AYourGameGameMode::AllowCheats(APlayerController* P)
	return false;
	return Super::AllowCheats(P);


This has been fixed in UE5 and that override is no longer necessary.