Cheat/Exploit with kit

if you make a child of raw meat and set it to a blueprint then put it on a dino the dino eats the blueprint over and over (never consumes it) but gets fed from it… they need to stop trying to eat blueprints.

Another issue bug with kit is the custom crafting requirements … when you use this variable the game requires them to craft stuff but doesn’t consume the item.

so if I set something to 7 wood custom crafting requirement the DEDICATED ONLY server UI shows it needs 7 wood and won’t let you craft it… but when you put in 7 wood it lets you craft but doesn’t consume the 7 wood. SINGLEPLAYER - it doesn’t show up at all … just shows the item has no requirements and won’t let you craft it ever.

thats has nothign to do with the kit u have to set it to comsume those items as well as u have to make it on use comuse meat… its its up to the modder to make this happen

Incorrect and if you read the post before replying u would see why… The meat you make from the blueprint does get consumed but if you place the blueprint on the dino the dino shows he is eating the blueprint and getting fed but doesn’t consume it and it shouldn’t its a blueprint to make meat from stuff but they also shouldn’t be getting fed from it
And custom requirements is ignoring the “consume” variable