Cheap macbook air for building a game?

Hey guys, I’m doing research what is the best and cheapest way to build a game for iOS. So I want to ask if it is possible to build a game on devices like macbook air 2013 with i5 and integrated GPU (Intel HD 5000). I’m pretty sure it does not reach the recommended HW (quad core CPU, Geforce GTX 470) but would it be possilbe just only for build? My development machine is PC, so there will be no another purpose for the macbook. Or maybe if I do remote build on macbook from my PC, would it work? I’ve read that remote build is somehow broken from 4.20. Not sure how it is in 4.22.3 which I use for development. Also I was thinking about posibility of making a hackintosh as my second partition on PC but I’m not sure how legit is release the build from a hackintosh.

Thanks in advance for responses :slight_smile:

That’s not going to go well. It might be able to build but it’ll be so slow that you’ll probably give up.

If there’s no code in your project you can build and package it on Windows, but if you absolutely need to build code on Mac and you can’t afford anything better then make a Hackintosh. You’ll have to deal with ten times as many issues getting it running, but if it works it’ll be pretty sweet until Apple releases and update and it doesn’t work anymore.

Thanks for the response!

Ok so I guess I can try to package IPA file for iOS on Windows (my project is BP only). But I guess in the end I won’t be able to upload the IPA file to App Store without Application Loader which is part of Xcode. So at least for this part I will have to use mac of any kind just for the upload an app.

There’s an option I keep forgetting - use a Mac VM. All you need it to do is to upload the app.

A quick google also found this: