Cheap Laptop Guide amd or intel

hey folks I was wondering if anyone had any insights on a ok laptop sub 400$? the goal would be running really really basics of unreal engine stuff. I have a main desktop that is pretty powerful but often find myself watching tutorial videos not at my desk. I right now have a few laptops that can “run” unreal mostly they are so slow that even loading up a project is a strain. i’m not looking for a beef laptop to do all my main work on, just something I can boot up a blank empty project and try out a few blueprints. I am struggling with Intel integrated hd stuff, and was wondering if anyone knew of some basic laptops I can dabble on. I have used intel for most of my computer life but recently updated to a ryzen 7. but I have no idea even where to start looking at amd laptops. if you guys have any tips of what to look for and again this is not to build lighting or even do level design really. im just looking for something that can boot up a empty project and mess with the blueprint editor. thank you in advance and cheers!

$400 isn’t enough for a laptop for UE4, you might be able to find something used but it’s hard to say what’s available used at that price point. At that price all you’d be able to find is systems with Intel HD GPU which is far below the minimum requirements.

so I found few laptops that work with unreal engine I list them in kinda a order
surface pro 2 windows 10 4gb ram, 512gb micro sd, run its pretty badly but able to run basic blueprints -instill epic games launcher on main hdd and instill engine version on micro sd to save space
Lenovo Thinkpad x230 i5 12gb ram 3.8tb ssd Intel HD 4000 - runs well able to do light unreal engine work blueprints are find materials kinda lags able to do basic level design
Lenovo Thinkpad x230 Tablet i7 12gb ram 3.8tb intel hd 4000 - runs pretty good, materials run ok takes a little time, blueprints run fine to get best frame rate better lower graphic setting
I currently have three laptops in pretty rough state coming in and will test those as well
Dell Precision M4600
Lenovo ThinkPad e531
Dell 3000 Series Inspiron 15

the dell precision m4600 on paper sound good but so far its not preforming better than my x230t the dell 3000 series is just junk when I got it. I couldnt tell from the pics really well that it was an i3 even if it was newer than my x230 the cpu benchmark is better bad. I got the thing for 30$ walking out the door in rough shape guess its to be expected. I have more hope for the m4600 sense it has a nvidia quadro 2gb and a boosted 24gbs of ram. in editor it can be from 15 to 50 fps depending what I am doing, I think it mostly suffers from lack of drivers for windows 10 and a spotty ssd is not helping. ill probably get a new ssd to see if that helps waiting of the e531 as it could be a dedicated gpu or intel hd junk. anyone have had some success in running unreal on older hardware?