Cheap game websites!

Here is a list of all the best websites to get games for PC!

I assume you (or most of you) are PC gamers, since you are developers!


Most of these sell Steam / Origin / Uplay keys. But some of them sell standalone games as well. (Donates part of proceeds to several charities.) (DRM Free) (Crazy deals on new games.)


Arcade Games from 70’s-80’s

DOS Games

Retro Game Room

That is all I have right now. If you know more please comment and I will add them to the list! Happy Hunting!

Thanks mate. :slight_smile:

Arcade Games from 70’s-80’s

DOS Games:

You can get ZZT from that MS-DOS link, it was Tim Sweeney’s first game.

For a second I thought you are offering to develop cheap websites for games. That’d be cool.

Play Retro Games Online - 40,000+ Classic Video Game Roms - Retro Game Room is a great place to play old games from all consoles too :slight_smile:
I remember I played alot of Alex The Kid - In The Miracle World there.

Awesome! Thanks for the contributions guys!

Thanks a lot!

Guys look more carefully, some websites like allow you to submit your game there :smiley:

What, you can realese a game on Gog? It has to be solid quality of course :slight_smile:

Steam is having a big midweek sale right now! 50%-80% off titles!

I’d add there too. You can get games dirt cheap on there. For example, Shadow of Mordor is 50$ on steam right now, but 13$ on g2a. Another interesting feature is the gold mine, and you can make money to buy games if people buy games. So its pretty fun. Also they have a lot of giveaways and stuff. :smiley:

If you want rediculous discounts on games go here. I’ve personally bought about 6 games from here and i havent been dissapointed. I promise it’s reliable. www-g2a-w-cheapassgames-com if you have any questions about it feel free to email me

this is onne of the cheappest game webbsites sorry for the ttypos

Thanks for the list Hax…
Really needed it…

Please don’t support G2A or grey market key sellers like it. It’s a market for fraudsters and credit card thieves.

Gracias senor.

Here is some great places to get some free games. (All Legit! :D) (Tons of DOS games. A little better than the Internet archive for the fact none of the files have been tampered with. Well… For the games that are here.) (Standalone FPS-Stealth game based on Thief.) (Corncob 3d for Free!) (For some legit Atari 2600 and possibly other system Hombrew roms! To get to the games go In “Rarity” select “H (Homebrew)”, check “has ROM” and press “Begin Search” [I ripped that last line from Thomas Jentzsch on atari age!])

Also check out Indieb or Moddb for some cool games here and there. Like Lost alpha for Stalker which is now Standalone.

you may not think about it, but most of these websites get the keys with credit card fraud and rip off the devs. most of us here being devs I think we understand that buying a game that you enjoy and the devs not making any money off of it is a BAD thing.

For a lot of people (me when I was younger) it comes down to something pretty simple. I couldn’t afford a $60 game, so I just pirated it. Seems to me that it would be better to be able to buy the game at a reduced rate rather than not at all. Also I am removing from the list since they are shady and gain keys through illegal means.

I’ve heard so many different things about G2A now that I cannot even verify facts or misinfo. (Like a lot of keys are bought in bulk from the company. But some is stolen.)
I know G2A itself does not do this itself as a site. And even partners with other companies, but it’s like Ebay. It’s the sellers who are doing everything.

Most is legit, especially with protection or paypal to protect you. But some is stolen. (That is why they have shield If I remember…)
But nonetheless it is quite confusing on what is illegal or what is legal. So probably the smart move on your part.

I only trust Humble Bundle out of all these sites.