[Cheap Flat Rate] Need to program your Ability features? (Spells/Skills) We got you covered.

Aloha, I hope this finds you all in wonderful spirits. I am offering to help with set up of abilities for approximately $50.

I prefer to work WITH you on your project. Screenshare and teach you how to do what needs to be done. but, I can accept the project file as well if you prefer.

Work includes:

  1. the hotbar to select abilities, or whatever method you choose.
  2. The UI set up to drag and drop abilities into hotbar. (select ability) or whatever ability selection method you choose.
  3. Ability SFX (socket attachment) for both caster and target. if it applies to your game.
  4. Blueprints & C++ code to get everything working nicely and with your custom abilities list. (You will be able to easily add/edit abilities)
  5. (One) Targeting method to select your desired target.
    *I will create 1 basic fully functioning ability, additional Abilities will not be programmed, just set up so you can create the rest of the individual logic.

For an additional fee I can:

  1. Create individual Ability logic (damage spell, healing, super jump, whatever) (Approx $5-$10 ea.)
  2. Create Experience point/Level up system. (Approx $10-$20)
  3. Create custom Particle FX ($5-$50)

Skype: Xaith.
Email: [EMAIL=“Elements.of.Life@LIVE.com”]Elements.of.Life@LIVE.com
Elements.of.Life Discord: Elements.of.Life

I am the lead for the UE4 Hawaii Community (https://www.meetup.com/HI-Unreal-Engine/)

Payment Method:

I would like to thank everyone that contacted me through this. :slight_smile:

hi do u have discord?i wanna ask for help implemeneting gameplay ability on my project so far i’ve implement it in my project using this as a base GitHub - Narxim/Narxim-GAS-Example: A basic setup for using GAS in PlayerState.
and what u said in your post exactly what i needed here’s my discord tag KhaiSaki#1061

I have some time to help with other projects but, have gotten busier since I first posted this. Feel free to contact me and I’ll see what I can do.