cheap bathroom props [Update]


big pack of Bathroom props with LOD, and using PBR material. with 8 different items, and multiple material in each mesh.

LOD (level of detail) :

  • each LOD have multiple material in it.
  • the vertex count are adjusted.
  • each LOD have between 1 - 3 step of culling.

Material :

  • material are placed, and resolution range are 1024 to 256
  • only 3 texture on each material.

Mesh :

  • total mesh : 26
  • scaled with epic skeleton
  • all mesh are static mesh

Item list :

  • Long Plumber (3 mesh)
  • Water Dipper (3 mesh)
  • Cloth hanger 1 (2 mesh)
  • Cloth hanger 2 (3 mesh)
  • Soap (3 mesh)
  • Brush (3 mesh)
  • Mop (4 mesh)
  • Bucket (5 mesh)

link :

image sample :


feel free to report some issue / suggestion.

Update :

  • [FIX] all LOD material placed accordingly
  • [ADD] add collision (simple)
  • reduce price to 6 dollars.
  • its fixed now. now the price get lowered. this is final.

From screenshots I can tell you forgot to use smoothing groups for several assets: Like those buckets! They should be smoothed so there are no hard edges visible! Sometimes hard edges might give nice sharp result but its usually a good practice to bevel (chamfer) edges and smooth them out: This way your models will be more realistic!

thanks. I was new in marketplace.

i will improve in next project.

Btw did you get the bathroom props ?

or artist props ?

Thanks, Iron G. I am yet to buy those! However I wanted to say that you greatly improve every project you make! If I can be of any help: Let me know!

By the way: I recommend using Open Broadcaster Software for recording your videos - I am not sure what program you are using right now but often the camera movement is very fast and it makes it harder for everyone to see you assets. Make sure that camera moves slowly so everyone can appreciate your work. When you right click and move with “wsad” keys you can fly with your camera smoothly, then its a matter of using scroll wheel to change camera speed (while in flight mode) or in the top right corner of the window - camera speed button - reducing the value.

Good luck!

yes i use OBS. however, my low end laptop didnt make it and create lag :frowning:

also in next project, i hire some freelancer to help me.