Cheap Ambient Lighting System

Just submitted the biggest update to this system yet. This update is a significant one and will add dynamic light probes to the pack as well as many significant improvements/optimizations to the core.

**Update 2.0

New Features:**

  • Added new GI feature that allows light to use it’s surroundings to bounce lighting dynamically
  • Added several new options to help control new GI features
  • Allows designers to toggle the new GI features on a per light basis, some can remain being used as the regular ambient lighting system while others can be toggled to use GI.


  • Optimized the logic that creates new mics when needed to be 4X faster
  • Optimization for light probes when running in low quality lighting mode
  • Lowered max in editor lights from 256 to 244 (Technical Limitation) In game has been unchanged

New GI Features:

  • Added several new settings in the light probe/controller to allow designers to fully tweak the light captures as far as color/performance.

Would it be possible to set a scalable/rotatable cube falloff/clipping control? This would go some way to making it useful for for interiors.