This AI knows everything, even Unreal Script.

Lol, I was curious to try it out to write some code.

I’ve using ChatGPT to learn about identifying individual instanced meshes from within the material editor.

It claims there’s a node call the “Instanced Material” node. But it is not available by default, and I need to activate “advanced material options” in the editor… Is this true? I can’t find the option to do this.

Here’s what it said:

The Instance Material node is not available in the material editor by default. To access it, you will need to enable the "Advanced" material options in the editor. To do this, go to the "View" menu in the material editor and select "Advanced Features". This will enable additional material nodes and options, including the Instance Material node, which you can then use in your materials.

I don’t see that menu, did you specify that it was UDK?

Sometimes you ask for a code in UDK and he/it write it in C++, and if you later tell him that it is wrong and you want it in UDK, he do it right this time.

And sometimes I think he’s making things up…

I did question it whether it was referring to Unreal Engine 3 UDK and it seemed very sure.

Where to safely download that?

It’s online: ChatGPT

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I’m blown away by ChatGPT’s ability to understand and respond to natural language inputs, it’s a game changer surely

it produces a lot of bad instructions for unreal. (just ask it how to do something you know how to do).
can’t really trust it for technical questions, though it is good for explaining general concepts or answering straightforward math questions

Sure the tech is a game changer. But the current round of training is flawed and doesn’t hold up under scrutiny (even if the AI pretends it does). If you do a little more background reading you’ll get to see this. The reason is, the training sets are flawed and need better filtering / curation. But yes the tech itself seems ready, and so the AI revolution begins (for good or for bad). As lots of AI lawsuits are coming too. Mostly because AI firms scrape everything and anything without asking, just like that facial-recognition scraping shthole ClearView-AI. Basically anything used for training must be fully-licensed, or at least opt-in. :wink:

I think the training model might have some genetic informations the algorithm is trying to fit into the dialogue, in other words, it’s definitely making things up :rofl:

Its goal is not to give the right answer, rather giving the more believable one.

Not bad… But idk how to use it exactly? Let’s say program me a trace speed for blades or idk… any idea?