Chatbot A.I. Simulator

Sample Video:

CVChatBotAI is a 100% Blueprint driven Conversation Bot framework that simulates artificial intelligence by responding to questions and comments in a casual English language manner. Great for simulating real communication with a human – for Adventure games with multiple Non human characters, interaction with a computer terminal with ‘someone’ on the other side of the network, and for giving out Hints to players as they ask it questions about quests or anything at all. Add as many variations and conversation branches as you want, add your own key words and replies – completely customizable. Comes with a nifty Text Messenger interface to give you an idea of how it might be used.

Based on hierarchical English language structure based on key words (people, places and things), action verbs, single words, and multi-word phrases – all customizable.

Simply type in any request, comment or question in regular English grammar, and the ChatBot will respond accordingly encouraging you to ask more questions.

Easy to modify/Customize with basic blueprint knowledge.

Entire system runs inside 1 main HUD blueprint widget.

Accompanying Text Message simulator requires 2 additional customizable widgets also included

Comes with instructions on how to edit keywords, and add your own unlimited unique words to the system to make the ChatBot even smarter. Can your chat bot pass the Turing test?

Best wishes - Jerry