[Chat System] Shouldn't chat system have a dedicated server?

Hi guys, im gonna start to work on a chat system so i figured out i need to replicate messages to all clients and i think it can be painful to handle by server if ppl spam the chat (lot of multicast events) so i was thinking… wasnt it better to make it separately from the game server? making a dedicated server only for chat? let me hear your opinions and ways to do it. thank you.

To reduce the load on the UE4 dedicated server system and increase your players per server count, many multiplayer UE4 games open a socket on each client to listen for chat messages directly from a chat server that is not related to UE4. By doing this, you are free to use many existing chat server systems that are out there.

The other advantage to doing this is that if you do your chat system through the UE4 dedicated server you will not be able to chat across server instances which can be a problem for many games types (like MMO’s). However, if you use an external chat server, you can chat across UE4 server instance boundaries.

Thank you!!