Chat Simulator/Western Otome/Dating Sim?

I am in the process of trying out various game creation engines, such as UNREAL, UNITY (ugh so expensive) and Adobe XD (Air’s predecessor) for a new game. It will be similar to the “found phone” or “chat sim” genre. Examples are Mystic Messenger, Duskwood, The Healing, The Sign, Blooming Panic (PC only) and SIM series (Sara is missing).
I will have 7 characters that chat regularly, in one group chat and then in private messages. I’d like to include video chat options, and audio calls, as well as be able to send and receive photos that store to an album, along with clues, and some possible minigames for finding said clues. Platforms would me Android, Apple, Mac and PC.

Would this be a good option? Or is there something else you’d suggest?
I’m not a master at coding. HTML during the MYspace days, sure, but otherwise, nope.
I MIGHT hire someone, but I’d really like to take this passion project into my own hands.

If you have any tutorials for this, please link them as well. Thanks in advance!

A very happy gamer girl :wink:

Hi. Welcome to the community.

Unreal Engine 4 or 5 should be fine for what you want to do. It might be more engine than you need, but you could certainly create the game you have in mind with Unreal.

You did however post your question in the Legacy/UDK Content Creation subforum. As this is your first post, I think you may have posted in the wrong area. The Legacy part of the forum is for Unreal Engine 3 and UDK. If you intend to create a new game using UE3 or UDK, I strongly recommend against it. Do not start a new game using UDK. UDK is not the engine you want to use.