Chartacter rotation stuttering when mouse button down

I am developing a top down shooter and I am having trouble with my character rotation stuttering while I’m shooting with a mouse button. Basically when ANY mouse button is down my character will start jittering (rotation only) instead of doing a smooth rotation.

I posted here a while ago and suspected it might be related to dynamic navmesh I have:

I never really solved it and have just been hoping new engine releases would fix it, not really happened so far. I have found issue appears (ever so slightly) when building from top down shooter template.

Steps to replicate:

  • Create new project - blueprint top
    down (Also desktop / scalable 3D or
    2D / no starter content are selected)
  • Open up topdowncontroller blueprint,
    delete all in event graph then
    create graph below.

  • Play in new window, character should look where mouse is pointing on screen.

  • Now here’s problem: minimise editor in background so you just have your game window on top of desktop. Then move mouse around in game with any mouse button held down and you notice a slight stutter but its all fine and smooth when nothing is held down.

Tried packaging my game (both development and shipping) and problem is still there

Hi Lazy Games,

I followed your instructions but was unable to reproduce problem. Does this only occur if you minimize editor? Can you make sure you don’t have anything else running on your PC when this occurs? And can you send me your dxdiag, please? Thanks!

Minimized, yes. But it also occurs in my packaged game. I tried packaging top down example too however problem doesnt occur there. It is much more apparent in my own project.
Even when I close everything down so unreal is only thing running it’s still same results.


Today I reinstalled engine and rebuilt game from a new project.
issue still happens with PIE, but it is fixed when playing standalone and when I package it so it works fine on end result which I’m happy with. I guess it half solves problem anyway.

Hm, still can’t reproduce this in a new project. If you’d like, I can take a look at your project and see what might be causing it, but if you’re happy with current state we can leave it be. If you want me to look at it, upload project somewhere and get me a download link. Just let me know!

Here is my project file (mostly stripped down).
I’ve also done a video to show whats going on when mouse button is held down vs no button.

You can see player is stuttering with a mouse button held down, it doesnt happen so much if enemies are taken out. Unfortunately in my game i wish to have loads of them so when I test gameplay it just becomes unplayable, especially when aiming accuracy is so important.

Thanks! I took a look at your project, but still can’t reproduce. I don’t see anything about your hardware leaping out to me as cause, but I would recommend trying this out on another system and/or with a different mouse to see if either is causing problem.

Hi Lazy Games,

I haven’t heard back from you in a while, so I’m resolving this post for tracking purposes. Please let us know if you’re still experiencing this issue on a different system and/or with a different mouse, and we can continue investigating. Thanks!