CharMoveComp skipping/stuttering when landing a jump on a landscape

When taking the basic third person starter scene and adding a landscape the jump landing collision seems to be challenged. This is especially bad if the character has a directional velocity when falling and no direction is being input as the character lands. The Character will slide with a juttered camera, as if it’s having a hard time resolving the collision. The IsFaling on the character movement is true during this stutter.

I’ve tried tweaking all the CharMoveComp settings, but nothing seems to help. Any suggestions into correctly landing a jump on a landscape? (1)


Anyone? I’m shocked I can’t find more info on this, 3rd party movement on landscapes should be pretty standard…

Landscapes are bad as a whole.

That said. Never had this issue.

Swap to the default 3rd person mannequin and see if the issue is still present?