Charged Launch Jump

Hello everyone,

I’m currently trying to create my own 2d platformer game just so I can learn a bit more about the Blueprint system, I’ve been trying to get this charged jump working for a while now but I cannot seem to get this working at all, I’ve got some game references that have the exact jumping I’m interested in trying to create I’ll put that link at the bottom. The main reason I want to know how to do this is that I really enjoy those games and I’m super interested in learning UE4 but I can’t find any good tutorials or any at all that has this exact jumping. It’s not much to explain I rather you see it for yourself. It seems like the more you hold the jump button the higher you jump towards the place you’re aiming at. I do not intend to copy this but I just wanna learn.

Hi man,
dont try to find a tutorial for every mechanics , try to understand how it works and the pieces you need for example:

Charged Jump,
I press the barr, and the char crouch. (input managing, keyboard or touch or mouse)
The char start counting time… (how misure time in unreal, tick event , time value)
More time pass, more high will have the jump, so i have o store this time passing (Storing variables, passing it to a custom event)
When i release, i make the char, jump as much high , as time passed. (make a procedural jump, a vector movement or how use movecomponent )

So just
when you press ““Spacebar”” open a gate in the tick event , and start storing time in a variable.
When release ““Spacebar”” close the gate and call a custom event for Jumping, with some imput.
Make your CustomEventJumping, that jump in base at a value you can set