Charged/Held Attacks

I’m curious if there is a way to create a heavy attack that you can charge up like I’ve illustrated below? Any help is greatly appreciated!
I wasn’t sure if this should’ve been posted in animation, so I just posted it in this since it seems like it’d be more of a thing you’d do with blueprints, but I could be wrong.


How I do that in my game is when the button is pressed I “PlayAnimMontage” (in this case it’d be your Charging animation) and depending on how your situation works once it gets fully charged put an animationNotify in that charge animation to play the “release full charge animation” …If you want to wait until the player releases the button then that AnimNotify will only set a bool (fully Charged, or something like that) so when they release the button then you’ll play the fully charged version, if the bool is false then just the not full power version…

Sorry if I wasn’t very clear, I meant something like Bloodborne’s charged heavy attacks

Hi there, I’m in the same situation here and would like to follow-up if there was a concrete answer to this question. ? ? ?

Here is a simple blueprint example on a charged light/heavy attack using print strings to illustrate the state of the attack. You can then insert in animation changes or effects you want to play based on the attack state.