Charge Jump using Blueprint

From twiddling about with blueprint so far I suspect that I will just have to break down and code it in C++, but I figured I would ask for help before giving up on blueprint.

I would like a simple charge jump, if the keyboard is pressed, the character performs a short hop, if its held for a few seconds then on release the character jumps significantly higher.
Sounds easy enough.
Unfortunately I can’t seem to find any way of setting the character’s velocity to, well, anything. I can’t find a pre-made function in blueprint that does this, nor can I find a way to set the pawn’s velocity directly.
Instead I have found Set Actor Relative Location, which more or less works, but is instantaneous, and well doesn’t really feel like ‘jumping’.

My blueprint is set up like so:

Both bShouldSweep and bLanded are set to true by default.

Anyone come across a set velocity function? or some other way to pull off what I am trying to do?

Also, why do Set Actor relative Location and Set Actor Location seem to do the same thing? I would imagine the first would treat the new relative location, well relative to its current location.
Is there any way to set the characters move type to falling so they actually fall back towards the ground, instead of floating there until they move again?

Here’s an excerpt of my multi jump code, which is how I got it to jump to begin with. This is working off of the first person blueprint project, and in my game at least replaced the normal jump function entirely. Hopefully it will give you a place to start out. The character movement velocity only shows up if you drag off of the character movement object since it’s in that class. I’ll probably post the full code as well for people to play with. Worth noting I’m not by any means a programmer, this is just the solution that I happened to come up with.

Daniel is spot on with this one!

A character pawn uses the ‘character movement component’ to take care of all of its movement. This has several advantages, such as
-the ability to walk up stairs,
-a built in simple jump
-dealing with “ledges” (when the player should slide off)
-movement replication that “just works” for the most part
-many more

You can see the CMC(character movement component) in the components list, or see a bunch of settings in the defaults tab.

Be sure to follow the first step that Daniel shows, which is to set the character to “falling” mode. Walking mode keeps you stuck to the ground!

If you check out the Swing Ninja demo I made, I do a fair amount of blueprint work with the character movement. (Apologies! It can get a bit messy in there!)

Good luck!


Thank you, that’s just about spot on.
What about something similar for another actor that is not a character? (a go kart that could jump for example)
Also, is there some documentation I am missing that has all this, or is it just incomplete due to the newness of the whole affair?